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“Happiness does not lie in worldly possessions, but in bringing smiles to others through Education and Skill Enhancement “ The Foundation’s focal point is to ensure good educational opportunities, we are working to give Educational Support to the students who are willing to learn and to make their own career.

Samagraabhivrudhi is a non-govt, non-profit, voluntary organization that focuses on the socio-economic and one-of-a-kind organization which provides the infrastructure as well as wide range of projects & services for the general welfare, education, training & placement of the right talent. Every individual wants to receive the best of education to achieve his or her dreams. However, better the institution, higher the fees they charge, so students usually leave their education incomplete as they cannot afford and do blue collar jobs to meet their basic needs. These students save money to complete their masters later in their career which is either too late or of no use.


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