About Us

About Us

We are on a mission to help the helpless

A non-profit organization that focuses on Skill development, Empowerment, and Career guidance for rural women and underprivileged youth across the nation. Filled with volunteers from various fields that dream for the same tomorrow, a tomorrow that has no genders and no poverty to look down.

Samagraabhivrudhi started with one single thought on how rural women and youths under poverty leave their education halfway as they cannot afford and do blue-collar jobs to meet their basic needs. Focusing on socio-economic and one-of-a-kind organization which provides the infrastructure as well as a wide range of projects & services for the general welfare, education, training & placement of the right talent. We don’t just help their dreams come true, we also encourage them to dream even bigger.

Our Mission

A hand for a hand, so that no hand in the world suffers alone.

Skill Development

Rural Women Empowerment

Disaster relief

Rural Development