Our Causes

Our previous participation in various crises that have occurred across South India in the last 5 years


The 2018 landslides created havoc in Coorg. Samagraabhivrudhi gathered volunteers within no time under the guidance of Dr. Sneha Rakesh who further arranged funds, took her entire team to the affected areas, and donated raw food materials, medicines, sanitary pads (women and children), etc


When heavy rainfall scared Kerala resulting in severe floods affecting hundreds, Samagraabhivrudhi was there. Our entire team with 30+ volunteers traveled to the affected areas and distributed free medicines, food materials, and other essentials to hundreds of the villagers.

blood bank

Samagraabhivrudhi Trust has taken the privilege to serve society, for all the needy to stand against all Crises situations. In the last 3 years, we also contributed raw food materials, new clothes, medicines, and sanitary pads to other North Karnataka places during floods at Badami, Jaknoor, Algur, Chalkere, etc


“To grow trees under whose shade you do not expect to sit is the true meaning of life,” someone once said and we at Samagrabhivrudhi heard it, loud and clear. So much so that in 2021, we took our weekend to Hunsur with 80+ volunteers in planting trees for the future generation and the betterment of Mother earth. You know how they say, You haven’t done anything until you dig a hole, plant a tree, water it, and make it survive. You are only speaking. Sneha Rakesh and her team planted around 10,000 trees in Bandipur forest that weekend and the happiness that flows and grows through our heart is invincible.


It’s 2022 and the very generation has made it very essential to plow your career right after college. Sneha Rakesh coming from the village herself knows it better than anybody. Being in the Digital Marketing industry, knowing the insights, and the future of it throws light on the possibilities of jobs and career growth Indian students can pursue. In the summer of 2020, Samagarbhivrudhi arranged a free 3 months Digital Marketing course for the students of Raichur government school. From basics to communication and then finally job opportunities and left them with a direction for a successful life ahead.